Our benefits

Ponnie moves just like a live horse!

Ponnie allows your child to ride wherever he wants, making him feel just like he's on a real horse. The Ponnie starts to move as the rider moves up and down the saddle. The rider determines the direction of the horse’s movement through the use of the handles mounted on either side of Ponnie’s head. The toy is powered by the child's movements. There is no motor and thus Ponnie doesn’t need any batteries.

Smooth riding, superb quality, and original design

These are the features that make the Ponnie horse a premium product for the most demanding customers, including royal families.

Both indoor and outdoor toys

Ponnie can be ridden both indoors and outdoors. Its riding wheels are made from a colorless rubber, which will not scratch parquet or floating floors. Outdoors, Ponnie is ideal for riding on paved level surfaces such as those made of asphalt and interlocking paving blocks.

Can be combed and braided

You can comb the horse’s mane and tail and create beautiful braids and other hairstyles.

Removable saddle, collar and bridle

Saddle the horse before your ride.