PRO Rideable Toy Horse Ponnie & PonyCycle


Ponnie is available in two product lines – “HOME” and “PRO”

HOME – a lighter version suitable for family use. Designed for both indoor and outdoor play conditions.

PRO – designed for use in amusement parks and children’s playgrounds. The PRO ride-on toys on wheels are made of more durable materials suitable for heavier use in commercial operations. The supports for the feet in the PRO line are adjustable, depending on the size of the child.

If you plan to use the horse at home, we highly recommend you to choose from the HOME category. It will easily withstand normal home use and because it’s lightweight, children can comfortably manipulate it even in a small flat. However, HOME products are inappropriate for commercial use where the products must endure more difficult conditions; therefore, we do not provide any warranty for such use of HOME products.

The XL size is available only in PRO version.