Ponycycle is an ideal toy for all horse lovers.

What makes PonyCycle ride-on toy horses unique is the fact that it is set into motion by a child’s movement. This toy is entirely mechanical – it does not need any engine or batteries to move.The horse starts to move as the rider moves up and down the saddle. The rider determines the direction of the horse’s movement through the use of the handles mounted on either side of the head. Ponycycle helps to develop a child’s motor coordination and employ muscles which are not usually exercised.

Material – there is a durable metal mechanism on the inside while the outside is made of high-quality soft plush. The wheel surface is made of colourless rubber. Handles are wooden.

Packaging and assembly – The horse is completely assembled; you only need to attach the head to the horse´s body, tighten the screw and pull the zipper.