Our benefits

Ride like on a real horse!

The horse is set in motion by the rider repetitively moving up and down in the saddle, just like when trotting on a real horse. The direction of the horse’s movement is controlled by the handles. When the rider turns the horse’s head, the horse moves in the chosen direction.

Smooth riding, superb quality, and original design

These features make a Ponnie horse a premium product for highly demanding customers – including royal families.

Both indoor and outdoor toys

Outdoors, the horse can be ridden on any smooth, hard, and level surface – asphalt, concrete or interlocking paving blocks. The horse has wheels similar to those of inline skates. Having a colourless rubber surface, these wheels will not scratch your parquet or any other floor.

A fun-to-comb mane and tail

You can comb the horse’s mane and tail and create beautiful braids and other hairstyles.

Removable saddle, collar and bridle

Saddle the pony before your ride.