Chocky Ponycycle S PROFI

Chocky Ponycycle S PROFI

Manufacturer: PonyCycleProduct code: 350 Shipping and Payment

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Manufacturer: PonyCycleProduct code: 350 Shipping and Payment

The Ponycycle moves just like a live horse! Everyone wants to climb on and go for a ride!


Instead of traditional rocking horses which keep the rider in one spot, Ponycycle allows your child to ride wherever he wants, making him feel just like he's on a real horse. The Ponycycle starts to move as the rider moves up and down the saddle. The rider determines the direction of the horse’s movement through the use of the handles mounted on either side of the head.


The toy is powered by the child's movements. There is no motor and thus Ponycycle doesn’t need any batteries. The Ponycycle helps children develop their physical coordination and balance. While riding Ponycycle, children get to use important muscle groups that are not usually exercised.


Ponycycle can be ridden both indoors and outdoors. Its riding wheels are made from a colorless rubber, which will not scratch parquet or floating floors. Outdoors, Ponycycle is ideal for riding on paved level surfaces such as those made of asphalt and interlocking paving blocks.


The Ponycycle horses are the best quality products that meet the strictest international certification requirements for children’s toys.


The supports for the feet in the PROFI line are adjustable, depending on the size of the child.


Designed for children between 3-6 years of age; maximum rider weight = 30 kg; recommended rider height 85-110 cm; seat height = 50 cm; product dimensions = 69x29x78 cm; net weight = 8.5 kg; shipping container dimensions = 50x29x53 cm; gross weight = 9.7 kg.


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