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An amazing gift

An amazing gift

Ponnie moves just like a live horse. Ponnie has a mane and tail that can be combed and braided and detachable saddle.


Ponnie ride-on horses and animals on wheels for children

Why choose a Ponnie horse or other Ponnie animal?

Are you wondering whether a ride-on horse or other animal is the right thing for you and your children? Find out below what makes these toys so remarkable, and why you should go for them.

What products can you choose from?

With a Ponnie horse or other Ponnie animal you can enjoy riding both outdoors and indoors. Ride-on horses capture the imagination with their long mane and tail that can be combed, and a removable saddle you can put on the horse. You can choose from the basic H version (for family use) and PROFI version (for commercial use).

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Developing coordination of movement and balance

Ponnie mechanical horses and other Ponnie animals do not have any motor. So riding them does take a bit of effort. The animal is set in motion by the rider repetitively moving up and down in the saddle.

These movements engage important muscle groups that tend not to be activated in everyday activities. Riding these toys may contribute to the development of the child’s coordination of movement and balance. Moreover, using these toys is environmentally friendly.

Both indoor and outdoor toys

Feel free to use these mechanical toys outdoors as well as indoors. They have colourless rubber wheels that do not mark or scratch your floor. In addition, the products have a long lifetime thanks to their strong metal structure and high-quality materials. The modern mechanism ensures ride-on animals move smoothly.

With a fun-to-comb mane and tail

Horsey fun does not stop when the rider dismounts. It is just the start! Some animals have a fun-to-comb mane and tail, so children can braid their hair and create new hairstyles. Thanks to the removable saddle, collar and bridle, children can also tack up their horse before the ride. Just like in real life.

Safety first

Riding a Ponnie horse or any other Ponnie animal is safe. The child sits in the saddle and the specially shaped pedals provide support for their feet throughout the ride. They hold on to handles of hard wood that make it possible to direct the animal. 

Fun for children as well as adults

Ponnie horses are available in three sizes. S models are intended for children from 3 to 6 years of age. M models are suitable for children who are 5 to 12 years old. But older children and adults can have fun as well. They ride XL animals, which can easily carry a rider weighing up to 100 kgAdjustable pedals make it possible to alter the horse to the exact needs of your child.

Czech design

Ponnie horses were designed by the Czech graphic designer and toy creator Olga Šmídová. So, by purchasing this horse you are supporting the European market.

Choose a toy that catches your eye

Take a look at the horses and other animals in our e-shop and choose which one you like best.

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