What is the difference between H - family and PRO - professional version?

H – a lighter version suitable for family use. Designed for both indoor and outdoor play conditions.

PRO – designed for use in amusement parks and children’s playgrounds. The PRO product line is made of more durable materials suitable for heavier use in commercial operations. The supports for the feet in the PRO line are adjustable, depending on the size of the child.


What size should I choose?

The size of the horse depends mainly on the weight and height of a child S-M-XL.


Size S - small M - medium XL - large
Age 3-6 years 5-12 years 9+ years
Height 90-120 cm 110 - 140 cm 130 cm and more
Max. bearing weight 30 kg, PRO 40 kg 50 kg, PRO 60 kg 100 kg

Is it complicated to assembly the horse?

Your horse will be delivered in a completely assembled state; you only need to attach the head to the body and secure it with a split pin (in case of the Ponnie) or by tightening a screw (in case of the Ponycycle). Then you only pull the zipper and it’s done!


Can the horse scratch or damage parquet or floating floors?

The surface of the Ponnie’s wheels is made of colourless rubber (they look black because of the internal wheel reinforcement) and they neither scratch the floor nor leave any smudges.


Where can I drive the horse?

You can use your horse both indoors and outdoors. Since the horse has wheels similar to those found on inline skates, choose asphalt or block paving when riding outdoors. Mind the drains, kerbs, gravel or other uneven surfaces to prevent abrupt stop or fall of the horse. The horse does not have any brakes and must only be used on flat surfaces.


How should you take care of your horse?

The plush surface of the horse should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If needed, you can also use detergents for upholstered furniture. To avoid any problems and ensure long-term use, it is advisable to regularly lubricate the movable joints with white lithium grease. It is suitable to comb Ponnie’s mane and tail regularly to prevent tangling. You can also prevent tangling by braiding the mane.