The company Fine Promo s.r.o. specialises in the development and sale of toys and games. The company looks to market products that are imaginative, interesting and fun to play with. The goal is to supply products that children will enjoy while, at the same time, also being something that will help them develop their creative, mental and physical skills and abilities. We are producers of Ponnie horses. Our riding horses fully meet all of the above criteria and objectives.

Many of us will remember when we were young, sitting on a rocking horse, having to only day dream about actually going somewhere on the horse. Today, children no longer have to just day dream! Whenever they want to, today’s children can mount up and, by moving up and down in the saddle, they can let their horse take them wherever they want to go.

When we gave my daughters Marianna and Evelyn a chance to play with a Ponnie, they instantly fell in love and it was very hard to get them to leave their Ponnie alone. Even now, year later, both children like to and want to play with their Ponnie – it is their favourite toy.

Our company looks forward to helping other children get the chance to be as happy as our own daughters have been with their Ponnie. Our Ponnies are a wonderful toy and a wonderful companion. With a Ponnie, children get the opportunity to have fun and create their own magical world of fantasy and play.

MGR. LINDA FRANCLOVÁ                                                                    MGR. ING. DOMINIK MAŠEK

Product Manager                                                                          Executive Director
gsm: +420 724 133 652                                                               gsm: +420 602 579 675
e-mail: linda.franclova@ponnie.cz                                                  e-mail: dominik.masek@ponnie.cz